World's Worst Advice Given about Buying Used Cars and Trucks

At Reliable Auto Sales we’ve talked to a lot of customers who’ve gotten some seriously bad advice when it comes to buying used cars and trucks. Here is some of the worst advice we too often see people taking as truth.

Mileage doesn’t matter

We’ve heard it a million times: People buying used cars in Las Vegas who, for some reason, believe that mileage doesn’t matter. Of course it does! The more miles a car or truck has on it, the shorter its remaining life is likely to be.

While it’s true that one car with more mileage may be better than another car that has lower mileage, this is taken on a case by case basis – and we still recommend that you take mileage into consideration when buying a used vehicle.

Salvage titles are just fine

If you’re prepared to gamble when you’re shopping for used trucks in Las Vegas then sure, salvage titles are fine, but if you want a reliable car that you can count on, we don’t recommend this as a gamble worth taking.

For one thing, you’d be hard pressed to find a lender who will approve a loan on a salvage title.

Second, consider all the reasons used cars can be salvaged: flood, fire, serious damage.

We recommend spending avoid salvage titles and you consider a vehicle with a certified protection plan.

The extra cost for a brand new car is worth it for the warranties alone

There’s something tempting about getting a brand new car, but it’ll cost you. New cars can lose thousands of dollars in value the second you drive them off the lot. If you’ve financed your vehicle with little or no money down, you could already owe thousands more than the car is worth.

One of the biggest mistakes we see people making is assuming that new car warranties make this extra expense worth it. The truth is that you can often find cars just a year or two old that have valid warranties and there are protection plans available.

Reliable Auto Sales

At Reliable Auto Sales we’re committed to helping every customer avoid the most common mistakes. Whether you’re searching for used cars or used trucks, we’ve got you covered. Please visit us today!

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