Why You Should Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle

3662960400_5e0d0c1a59_bYou are in the market for a car. As you busy yourself with making a model selection, think about purchasing a used one instead of a new one. Pre-owned vehicles come in just as many sizes and styles as brand new ones. Take a moment and explore these three advantages to obtaining one.

Lower Costs

You may have expected price to be at the top of the list. According to Cars.com, there is a $20,000 difference between new cars and used ones. Additionally, yearly registration costs are lower because they are based on your car’s age and value. Registration rates vary by state.

Certified Condition

If you are seeking proof that a used car for sale is in good condition, check out one that has been certified. These pre-owned vehicles go through extensive inspections and requirements. Warranties are typically offered to ensure their reliability. You may also find that the financing offered for certified used cars is lower.

No Depreciation

It’s no secret that a new car drops in value the moment that you drive it off the car lot. A new car might only keep 60 percent of its worth in the first year. That concern doesn’t exist with a used vehicle. Can you recall being nervous about getting that first bump or scratch on your brand new car? Again, no worries. Your pre-owned automobile probably already passed that test with its previous owner.

Buying any car is a big decision. So don’t be discouraged by negative, stereotypical thoughts of used cars. With some research, you can find an affordable, reliable used vehicle with added value.

Image via Flickr by Nacmias Auto Sales, Service, and Repairs

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