Where to Watch the Sunset in Vegas

33230987922_740b360bf9_bDo you like taking amazing landscape photos, or just like to soak in the best sunsets wherever you are? If so, you owe it to yourself to see the sun setting at these three awesome places in Las Vegas.

High Roller Observation Wheel

Take a ride atop this Ferris wheel and see the grand cityscape and horizon. As one of the most well-known nightlife spots in Vegas, this is a great place to check out for happy hour. Just be sure to line up your wheel ride as the sun is setting. If you miss it or want to ride again, the wheel’s view is just as amazing at full nightfall, where the dazzling lights of the city shine their brightest.

Red Rock Canyon

You could spend months visiting this world-famous conservation area finding amazing scenic vistas. The expansive desert valleys and autumn-colored mountains have tons of unique photo opportunities. Consider trying the scenic loop in the evening for amazing views from several high vantage points.


This bar and lounge on the 55th floor has full glass walls with a lovely view of the strip. It’s also a club with frequent live DJs and other performers. If you’re in the mood to party at one of the more distinguished parts of the city’s club scene, all from way up in the Palms’ Ivory Tower, this is the perfect fit.

There are many other awesome places to watch the sunset in Vegas, but these three are good places to start that have other fun things to do as well.


Image via Flickr by deborah.soltesz


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