When is the best time to buy a pre-owned car?

When is the best time to buy a pre-owned car? - Reliable Auto Sales

One of the best money-saving tips is opting for a pre-owned car instead of a new one. Over a one year period alone, a car loses 15-25 percent of its value on average. This doesn’t stop in the following years, and it is estimated that car is worth 40 percent of its initial value after only five years. These numbers may not sound encouraging for new-car owners, but they are definitely music for the ears of people looking to get a pre-owned vehicle.

Comparisons between a new car and a certified one-year-old pre-owned car conducted by mechanics and other specialists concluded that almost no differences could be found. Obviously, there are some, but not even close to justifying a drop in the value of 25 percent. As one of the leading used car dealerships in Las Vegas, we invite our customers to visit our shops in Las Vegas or Henderson and test drive a certified pre-owned vehicle while our knowledgeable and courteous staff explains all the benefits of getting a new car.

Getting a Better Deal

We at Reliable Auto Sales are dedicated to providing the ultimate value for our customers, and that entails sharing a number of tips that help them to get a better deal on a pre-owned car. These tips touch on many factors, and we used our experience to point out the ones most relevant to our customers.

Timing Is Everything

Although this is common knowledge, people tend to neglect it until it’s too late. But here it is: look for a used-car deal before you actually need one. The price of a car varies depending on the time of the year, the situation the seller is in, and the age of the car. Here is a perfect example: an 18-month old pre-owned vehicle may be just a bit out of your price range right now, but if you keep track of it, in about three to four months, it could be priced lower and fall right into your budget. But, it’s the same car. It has been sitting in the showroom for a couple of months, but it’s basically the same. That’s why you are advised to start looking for a deal even when you don’t need one because you can definitely find some “sleepers” that make perfect sense and make the switch earlier.

Time of the Year Specifics

This one is fairly obvious as well: a convertible is good for summer, and it’s not really practical during other times of the year. The best way to look for a convertible is around the new year. People often buy convertibles just for a summer or two and then look to exchange it for a regular car. This is a chance for you to snag a great deal and get it under the value. SUV’s sell better in the fall and larger family cars, like crossovers, just before school starts. Specific times of the year are great for buying a used vehicle and we have the busiest seasons.

  • Towards the end of the year – new models tend to lower the price of the older ones as more people look to make the switch. Time to snag a used car at a lower price
  • Around holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, Veteran’s Day, Valentine’s Day. These holidays see fewer people in the dealerships looking for a car and more of them buying other types of presents. Having fewer customers leads to better deals by the sellers.
  • Around big car shows in the vicinity – A car show means more people looking to make a switch to a newer model, flooding the market with their current ones. This is great news for a used-car buyer.

Hidden Tricks That No One Ever Mentions

  • Car dealership personnel usually have a certain quota which, as the month comes to an end, creates pressure on them to close a deal. This is usually a good time to haggle and box-out that additional percent or two.
  • On weekends, more people are in the shops. If you are on the brink, a car dealer might not go the extra mile to lower the price for you, and they might switch their focus to other customers. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s see way fewer customers in the dealerships, meaning more attention is geared towards making a deal.
  • Avoid rainy days because during test rides you can see more details on a sunny day, gauge potential scratches better, and genuinely assess the car’s handling better.

Reliable Auto Sales became the leading used-car dealership in Las Vegas because we are dedicated to providing the best service and finding the best possible deal for our customers. Take into consideration the tips we outlined and schedule a test ride in one of our locations, start searching for a deal right away. It’s the best way to save money.

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