What You Can Learn from Tire Store Employees

It’s easy to not pay much attention to your vehicle’s tires, especially when you’ve got a good set of four that were built to last. To keep things that way, you can rely on your local Las Vegas tire shop professionals to help choose a new set when it comes time to replace. It’s always wise to listen to their advice

No Need to Experiment

First off, it’s always best to continue to replace tires with the original equipment the manufacturer recommends. There’s a reason certain tire models are recommended, and that is because they have been carefully chosen by the car’s manufacturer to highlight the best qualities of the car they are on, and gloss over any weaknesses in the car’s handling. You are always going to get the best ride with that model. They might be a bit pricey, but the performance you get will be worth a little extra money.

Looking for Improvements?

Maybe you weren’t that pleased with how your last set of tires rode. If that’s the case, feel free to change things up, but be cautious. It could be another 20,000 miles before you get a chance to change back.

Most cars always have two recommended models, and you should ask the professional replacing your tires for their opinion, too. Switching to grand touring or touring models can soften your ride if that’s the complaint.

Together Forever

If you love the way your car drives, take care of what it rides on. There are easy steps you can take to extend your tires’ longevity

Of course, keep them inflated to the proper pressure. That will save you money at the gas pump and will keep your tires from wearing unevenly and needing earlier replacement. Most of today’s newer vehicles monitor tire pressure for you, so don’t fail to heed the under-inflated warnings when they pop up on your dashboard.

Know your tires load rating and respect it. If you are consistently pulling heavy loads, your tires will wear more rapidly. Heed your speed rating as well.

Reliable Auto Sales

If you’re in the market to not only replace tires, but your whole car, come see us at Reliable Auto Sales in Las Vegas. Contact us today for a great deal.

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