What to Do If You Have a Tire Blow Out

Tire Repair in Las Vegas - Reliable NVOne of the major reasons drivers seek out Las Vegas tire repair shops is because of a tire blowout. Preventing a blown-out tire (by maintaining proper air pressure and giving your tires regular inspections) is always better than dealing with a blowout. Nonetheless, blowouts can occur to even the most careful drivers.

If you have a tire blow out on you, knowing how to handle the situation can prevent a roadway tragedy.

Straight and Narrow

If you have a tire blow out, you lose some steering control. Most people have a tendency to over-correct and turn hard against the natural drift of the car. This is a big mistake. To best ride out the blowout, steer to keep going straight, letting the drag from the blown-out tire slow you down.

Give It a Little Gas

Act against instinct during a tire blowout: Give your vehicle a little gas to counter the drag from the bad tire. You will not speed up, because the dragging tire defeats the engine every time. You will stabilize the car, and putting your foot on the gas prevents you from stabbing the brake. This gives you time to ease off the accelerator and gently move the car to the shoulder.

Don’t Turn Away

If a rear tire blows and you try to turn away from it (say the driver’s-side back tire goes out and you try to quickly move to the shoulder), you will worsen your situation. Well, “worsen your situation” is not quite right. Let’s not sugar-coat it: You will lose control and end up in a spin out. This can have deadly consequences.

When you have a tire blow, instead of braking, remember two things: Steer straight and give the car a little gas, then gently, gently ease over to the shoulder.


Get as far off the travel lane as you can. Turn on your emergency flashers. Exit on the passenger side if you are on the right shoulder. Call for roadside assistance. A tow is preferable to riding 50 miles on the donut spare tire most cars have today.

Reliable Auto Sales

If you do have a tire blow out in the Las Vegas area, the best place for Las Vegas tire repair is the service department of Reliable Auto Sales. Our expert mechanics can either repair or replace your blowout, and we provide strong warranties on each new tire. Contact Reliable Auto Sales today.

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