What to Do if You Experience a Flat Tire on the Highway

2494694679_877371e50e_bGetting a flat tire on the freeway is likely no one’s idea of a good time. Even though it’s a stressful situation, having a flat doesn’t have to entirely ruin your day. Keep these tips in mind to get through the situation and deal with your flat tire in an effective and efficient manner.

Get Somewhere Safe

The most important thing you can do when you get a flat on the freeway is to get to somewhere safe. If there is an exit coming up, keep in mind that it’s ok to drive on a flat for a short time. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get off the freeway. If this is the case, find somewhere safe to pull off and get as far off the freeway as possible to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Stay Calm

When you get a flat on the freeway, you may feel yourself starting to panic. Keep as calm as possible to keep yourself safe and get the problem taken care of. Don’t jerk the wheel to the side to get off the road as quickly as possible. Instead, let the car slow down before you start pulling off the road. When you stay calm, you’re able to make better decisions.

How to take care of the flat tire itself is an important decision, but one only you can make. You may decide to call your insurance company, a tow truck, or just change the tire yourself. Keep in mind the traffic on the road before deciding to change the tire and putting yourself in danger.


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