Laughlin area Pre-Owned Car Dealer Talks about Washes

Drivers who don’t live in the desert just don’t understand the washes we have around here. Washes are a part of life if you travel on a dirt road or go off the beaten path. What should you do if you encounter one? Laughlin area pre-owned car dealer talks about washes.


What is a Wash?
A wash in an area of dry bed, which can be found at the bottom of a canyon or the side of a road. Washes can be relatively narrow or very wide. A wash is essentially a dry stream channel.

What are the Dangers of a Wash?
A handful of issues arise when you are in or near a wash. One of the most common—and deadly—dangers of a wash in the desert is the flash flooding. We don’t get a lot of rain, but when we do, it cannot penetrate the ground. All of the water has to go somewhere, so it runs. Usually, a large amount of water falls in a short time, increasing the power of the flowing rains across the desert ground. The water collects in a gulley, and the flow “washes” away the ground. Flash floods can also occur when the area receives small amounts of rain over a long time. People who are stuck in a wash either are swept away or have to be rescued. There is no getting out.

Dealing with Washes
Consider a few tips before you go off the beaten path:
• Watch the weather, especially during Monsoon season. If rain is in the forecast, avoid areas with washes.
• Do not get out of your vehicle and attempt to trudge across the wash during a flash flood.
• Don’t drive in a wash
• Travel with others. If you get stuck in a wash, you will either need a buddy with a winch or a cell phone to call for help
• Pack an off-road kit, including small tools, ropes, tow chains, a small shovel, and sand mats that will help you regain traction in the sandy wash.

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