Used Cars Near Reno Shows You How to Get More for Your Car  

If you’re getting ready to sell your car or even thinking about selling your car, then you have some thinking to do. Of course you want to get top dollar for your vehicle, but how do you do that and how do you know if an offer is the best you can do? Well, Reliable Auto Sales, your source for Used Cars Near Reno, has these tips to get ready.



Make sure you start with Kelley Blue Book, Edmund’s, and Auto Trader in order to get a good average of what you can expect to get. Remember to be honest about the car’s condition and that a dealer is always likely to offer less than a private sale.



Hopefully you’ve kept clear and complete records about any service your car has received. Nothing helps your value more than a paper trail that shows a buyer exactly what has been taken care of over the years.


Fixes and Cleans

It might sound silly, but get your car cleaned (inside and out) before you go showing it and try to keep it that way. If there are any glaring issues like taillights or scratches, do what you can to get them fixed as inexpensively as possible.


How to Advertise

While you can pay a fee to advertise with some car buying websites, you can get just as much response with cheaper avenues like local papers and pennysavers or free venues like Craig’s list. When you do, remember to write as appealing an ad as possible. Don’t oversell it, but make sure the high points are obvious.

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