Top Tips for Dealing with Tailgating Drivers

5720874423_71fcc31be9_bDriving is often stressful, but when you have to deal with someone tailgating and riding right on your bumper it is even worse. Here are some tips for dealing with tailgating drivers.

Let Them Pass

If the tailgater is aggressive, then the best thing to do is just let them pass you when it is safe to do so. This type of driver is trying to intimidate you with their vehicle so the best thing to do is just get out of their way.

Slow Down

If the driver is just impatient, if you slow down in an area where they can pass you they will most likely go around you and get on their way. If they don’t get the message right away, slow down a little more as long as it is safe making sure you keep an eye on the traffic behind you.

Maintain A Constant Speed

Don’t speed up and slow down when someone is tailgating you. They might not pass if they can’t tell what you are going to do next.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Rule Your Driving

It is easy to get frustrated when you have someone riding right on you. Keep calm and drive safely following the rules of the road. If you are not in an area where you can pull over or they can pass, just ignore them as much as possible. Just make sure to pay extra attention to your driving to make sure you stay safe.

Follow these simple tips to keep your cool when you have a tailgating driver behind you.


Image via Flickr by zigazou76


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