The Top 8 Most Reliable Car Brands

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Your vehicle is more than just an investment – it makes everything about your life easier. Running into issues, known problems, and minor breakdowns is a huge inconvenience, causing a massive disruption to your life. When drivers are searching for their next car, they are often explicitly looking for one of the most reliable car brands at a reasonable price. These manufacturers take the time to develop quality vehicles that are built to last. Skip the stress and uncertainty that comes with certain models, and drive away in one of these brands instead.


Drivers looking for a brand that can offer a wide range of vehicle types can appreciate Lexus’ extensive lineup, containing everything from compact vehicles to large SUVs. Every one of them has a high-reliability rating, typically four or five stars out of five. In fact, newer models have won awards for their reliability alone, including the Best Car for the Money Award from U.S. News. This honor takes into consideration the car’s performance and the long-term cost of ownership, including repairs and maintenance.


Buick is a brand that appeals to car owners of all types, with a line of luxury and affordable vehicles available. Buyers can opt for convertibles, compact cars, and mid-sized SUVs, all of which have received above-average reliability ratings. Regardless of budget, you are sure to find a Buick that suits your needs. Thanks to the way the vehicle is made, you can be sure that your investment lasts.


With nearly 25 models available in the United States alone, Toyota has made a name for itself as a force to be reckoned with on the market. Not only do they offer a variety of models, but they also boast impressive reliability ratings on a consistent basis. It doesn’t matter what specific model you choose; you can be sure that it lasts. Almost all Toyotas come with a separate warranty, covering the car for eight years after purchase, giving drivers additional comfort.


Kia is also known for its generous warranty: five years or 60,000 miles as the standard warranty with optional powertrain warranty of 10 years or 100,000 miles. Most vehicle owners never need to use their warranties since the brand has consistently received top reliability scores across most of its models. In fact, the 2017 Kia Soul even earned the Best Compact Car for the Money Award, taking into consideration the anticipated repair, maintenance, and fuel costs over the vehicle’s lifetime.


Most people don’t think of this sporty luxury car as being very reliable. It’s reliability scores may be surprising, with most of their models consistently receiving four and four and a half stars out of five from numerous companies. With a spacious interior and high performance, it is no wonder that the brand is incredibly popular. Added reliability makes it a must-drive.


Each one of Honda’s 2018 line-up achieved a top reliability rating from U.S. News, making them one of the most reliable brands on the market. Not only can you trust your Honda to last the test of time, but most of their models are also affordable with excellent mpg, making them an attractive option for young families and those looking to save a bit of cash.


Almost all Chevrolet vehicles have an average or above-average reliability rating, making them a fantastic choice for those looking for a car that is going to last. Drivers can choose from the sporty Corvette or the compact Sonic without compromising the anticipated longevity of the vehicle. Its hybrid cars are even covered by an impressive eight-year/100,000 mile warranty, offering its customers additional peace of mind.


Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been on the market in one form or another since the 1880s, giving the company ample time to focus on vehicle reliability, and they have not disappointed. Of the more than a dozen luxury cars currently available on the market, almost all of them have received four-star reliability ratings. You can opt for one of their sportier models or the rugged G-Class SUV and still count on the brand to withstand the test of time.

In the end, the perfect car brand for you depends on your lifestyle, needs, and individual preferences. The brands mentioned above are a great place to start your search for your next vehicle. You should also remember that to keep your vehicle reliable you need to bring it in for routine maintenance and servicing. To get a better idea as to how the car you are thinking of buying fits in with your lifestyle, visit us at Reliable Auto Sales to take it out for a test drive. Here at Reliable Auto, we have a wide range of vehicles available. Visit us online or at the dealership today.

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