Top 5 Used Car Scams to Avoid When Selling Your Car

Top 5 Used Car Scams to Avoid When Selling Your Car - Reliable Auto Sales Las Vegas

When it comes to selling a vehicle, neither the buyer nor the seller is safe from scams. While news coverage of sellers being scammed doesn’t make the headlines like buyer scams, sellers still run a risk.

With the increased use of the internet as a means of selling, more sellers are being taken advantage of. The internet presents a great way to sell goods, including cars, as it increases the pool of possible buyers considerably. But it can be quite problematic when selling a car privately online.

If you’re selling a car, here are five used scams to avoid:

Buying Unseen

If a buyer reaches out and intends to buy a vehicle without a test drive or without even seeing it, it may be a scam. A legitimate buyer asks questions, wants to know as much as possible about the car, and wants to see how it runs.

Alternate Forms of Payment

There are many forms of payment other than cash, and many of them can make it easier to scam someone. Checks or money orders, for example, can easily be forged or counterfeited – and unfortunately, it may not come to light until the bank processes the payment, which typically takes days.

Requesting Personal Information

People may reach out to a seller under the guise of a cautious buyer. If such person asks for information to verify you’re a legitimate seller, make sure not to give out too much personal information, especially your social security number or bank information. If asked for such information, be aware it likely is a scam.

Complicated Situation

If a car buyer makes a situation or backstory unnecessarily complex, it’s time to be cautious. One common example is a shipping scam in which the buyer asks the vehicle be shipped. Believe it or not, this is one of the most popular used car scams today.

Unsafe Meeting Location

There comes a time during a sale where meeting a buyer in person is necessary. Be cautious if the buyer wants to meet in a location you are unfamiliar with or you know is unsafe. This may be a sign that the buyer is looking to steal the vehicle under the guise of a test-drive.

Sell to Reliable Auto Sales

Our team at Reliable Auto Sales understands how important it is for sellers to get the best deal for their cars without the hassles or scams. As such, we offer the best deals in Las Vegas for used cars. Best of all, by selling you car to us, you can avoid all of the risks and scams that occur when selling your car privately.

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