Top 2 Brunch Places in the City

32462106803_7ba2bdff27_bLas Vegas is known as the city that never sleeps, but did you know that Las Vegas is home to many restaurants that serve up some delicious and decadent brunch? Whether you’re looking to indulge with French cuisine or simply want the best eggs in the city, we’ve got you covered! Below are two of our favorite brunch places in Las Vegas. We promise that they are well worth the calories and extra time at the gym. So, read on to discover your next brunch place.

Enjoy a French Twist to American Classics At Aria

Here, you can choose from five different takes on the classic eggs Benedict (all served with sautéed kale and croissants) along with brioche French toast topped with mascarpone and crunchy almond brittle. Plus, Aria’s wine list is quite extensive as it features four Champagne choices to mix with your orange juice.

Go the Traditional Brunch Route at Standard & Pour

If you’re in the mood for mimosas, muffins, and bloody Marys, look no further than Standard & Pour. This restaurant offers something for everyone, including the famous mouthwatering 2-lb almond, blueberry, and lemon “Real Big Muffin”; Fat Elvis French Toast (made with peanut butter and bananas), and the English muffin sandwich (complete with bacon, cheddar cheese, and basil).

Of course, this list just barely touches on all the amazing restaurants that serve some delicious brunch. Did we miss one of your favorites? Tell us in the comments below; we love hearing from you.

Image via Flickr by odonata98 (Kimberly Reinhart)


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