Tips for Combating Sun Damage in Your Laughlin Area Pre-Owned Vehicle

Sun is a part of life for us out West. When others are buried in snow, the sun keeps us warm in the winter. The sun is most intense in the spring and summer, and its rays can cause damage to your vehicle over time. Proper, regular care and maintenance can help you control and prevent the extent of the damage. Laughlin area pre-owned vehicle dealer has tips for combating sun damage.


• Maintain a regular wash and wax schedule. Dirt and environmental debris on the exterior of your vehicle can bake into and scratch the car’s paint. When you wash your vehicle, you clean off most of the particles that damage the exterior. Don’t neglect a good wax job. Waxing the car protects the exterior and prevent debris and water spots from marring the surface. Wax your vehicle at the beginning of each new calendar season.
• Park in the shade as often as possible. If you are not able to park in the shade, use a sunshade in the window to protect the dash and the interior. Not only are you protecting your car, but you are protecting yourself from a scorching interior as well.
• Use a car cover when you park your car. A cover shields the car from the sun’s damaging rays, and dirt and debris that flies around in the air.
• If you are comfortable with it, consider cracking your car’s windows a little to encourage air circulation throughout the cabin. Doing this keep the cabin cooler instead of transforming it into an oven.
• Wash and condition your leather interior often to prevent damage and cracking.
• Carry a microfiber towel with you. Dust off the dash and the exterior of the car often to prevent dirt and debris from becoming too comfortable.

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