Three Mind-Blowing Las Vegas Thrill Rides


There’s always something happening in Las Vegas. If you’re a thrill seeker who enjoys amusement rides, you’re in luck! The Entertainment Capital of the World offers numerous options to get your heart pumping.

1. SkyJump Las Vegas

If you’ve ever wanted to free fall from a 108-story building, head to SkyJump Las Vegas at the Stratosphere. Considered the world’s longest commercial decelerator jump, this controlled bungee jump allows riders to enjoy the scenery on their way down, at 40 miles per hour. Hotel guests can even enjoy reduced ticket prices.

2. Insanity

Also located at Stratosphere Tower, Insanity is a thrilling ride that dangles you 64 feet over the edge of the tower 900 feet above the Last Vegas Strip. Then the arm spins you to a whopping three Gs until it stops in a position that has you staring directly at the Earth. Not for the faint of heart, Insanity tickets start at just $25.

3. Stratosphere Tower X-Scream

If you haven’t realized it by now, you just need to head to Stratosphere Tower. X-Scream may feature a short track, but it towers 866 feet above the ground and sends riders barreling over the tower’s edge. You then experience the sensation of dangling weightless over the Strip before enduring it all over again.

When gambling, eating, shopping, and sightseeing on the Strip aren’t enough, get your thrills at Stratosphere Tower and other area amusement centers. These popular Las Vegas thrill rides are bound to satisfy your craving for amusement.
Image via Flickr by pquan


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