The Top Five Car Shows You Should Attend In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city with a whole lot going on, and not just on the famous Strip. If you’re looking for something fun to do and you’re a car buff, you should consider yourself in luck.

The city of Las Vegas hosts a huge number of car shows each year that attract tourists and locals alike. Use this handy guide on the top five car shows in Las Vegas that you should check out.

  1. Optima Search

The Optima Search – full name is the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car – is a car show that you can’t miss if you love street hot rods and fully-decked-out racers that come right from the streets. Best of all, you get to rub elbows with people just like you – except they probably have cooler cars. They might be willing to share some pointers with you if you ask nicely, though!

  1. The Auto Collections Car Show

Not your typical car event, The Auto Collections Show is located inside the Linq Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip. With more than 300 rotating classic cars, The Auto Collections Show is a must-see for anybody, including car show newbies.

The Auto Collections is located inside of the coolest new hotels in Vegas too, so even if you’re a resident, this place is well-worth visiting.

  1. SEMA Show

Definitely not like all of the other car shows in Las Vegas, the SEMA show is a trade-only event. While that might exclude some people, well-connected individuals or those in the industry are extremely excited about it.

Bringing together brands from all over the world, SEMA showed exciting new products to more than 60,000 people in 2015.

  1. Motor Trend International Auto Show

The Motor Trend show is one of the biggest in the world and every year it takes over the Las Vegas Convention Center. From exotic cars like Lamborghinis to the latest economical cars from Ford, you can see just about everything at this huge event.

  1. Super Run

Even if classics aren’t your cup of tea, the fact that Super Run only shows the best in the world makes it worthy of your time. Block mid-September off in your calendar, for this event.

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