The Next Generation of Car Infotainment

technology dashboardIf you have a smartphone or a computer, then you know that technology changes very quickly. In contrast, car infotainment has been steady for the last decade. Adding Bluetooth and voice activation has been good, but the way it works has remained the same…until now. Several different auto brands are unveiling their new generation of onboard functions.

While they’ve been tinkering with hybrids and electric vehicles, BMW has been revamping their cabin systems, too. In addition to apps for the iWatch that will allow for remote start, climate control adjustment, and locking, the new systems will incorporate touchscreens for the first time and motion sensors to allow for gesture control.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, VW is aiming for flawless phone connection. Apple’s CarPlay, Android’s Auto, and VW’s MirrorLink will all allow for your smartphone to become part of your dashboard, handling calls, texts, music, and navigation.

Possibly the leader in car entertainment, the new Mercedes systems have been designed by the legendary Harman International. Their new setup allows for 3Dc navigation, free web surfing, all-HD screens, and a networked entertainment system that allows passengers to share or see different information or images.

GM has been leading auto tech for a few years, including their mobile Wi-Fi hotspot idea. The big switch coming for them will be working with Google and the Android platform to create a seamless interface for your smartphone. Automatic syncing will allow a touchscreen interface that blends your car and your device.

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