The Coolest Porsche Models of All Time

3175271955_7e31a883b7_oAny discussion of legendary Porsches must include the model that started it all — the storied 356 — but Porsche’s popularity really took off in 1966 when they introduced the 911S. Its five-spoke wheels, updated body style, and increased horsepower is what Porsche fans think of when they hear the word classic.

1974, a Good Year for Porsche

The Porsche 930, later renamed the 911 Turbo, redefined the high-performance sports car market in 1974 by introducing a turbocharger, and the now famed whale tail rear spoiler, to this racy little number. The 930’s sister car that year was no jalopy either. According to HICONSUPTION, “Other than the more outrageous models, like the 959, the Porsches collectors prize most are the middle-70s Carreras. And the best of them was the 1974 Carrera RS 3.0.”

“The World’s Fastest Convertible”

The 1983 Porsche 911SC Cabriolet was the automaker’s first real convertible. Sports car enthusiasts fell hard for this little top-down dasher, and yearlong dealer waiting lists were common. There is nothing practical about this Cabriolet, but since when did love have to be practical?

Carrera GT Supercar

This limited production Supercar was built from 2003 to 2006. Its high-performance price tag makes this dream car unattainable for most, but cool? You bet. It even came with a five-piece leather luggage set as standard equipment.

Which Porsche do you think is the coolest? The 550 Spyder, a legend since the 1950s, has to make the list, as does the limited edition 918 Spyder introduced in 2013.

Image via Flickr by Cristeen Quezon

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