The 3 Top Diners in Las Vegas

9778253202_056dd47fee_bWhether you live in Las Vegas or you’re here for a visit, you likely know that food is a big deal in the city. Finding a great meal doesn’t have to mean you go to the most expensive place on the strip. Instead, for an outstanding breakfast, lunch, or dinner, check out the top diners in Las Vegas.

Vickie’s Diner

Head out for a landmark meal at Vickie’s Diner. The restaurant used to be Tiffany’s Café, and it has a long history in the city. In fact, this location is the oldest diner in Las Vegas. Everything on the menu is offered 24/7, giving you your favorites day or night. Try menu options such as sausage biscuits and country gravy or a delicious T-bone steak dinner.

50’s Diner and Omelet House

If you’re looking for something special in Vegas, head to 50’s Diner and Omelet House. With fresh, local ingredients, the food here is some of the best you’ll try. Get a three- or six-egg omelet with the fillings of your choice. With breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options, you’ll find reasons to keep coming back.

Mr. Mama’s

When you eat at Mr. Mama’s, you’ll feel like you’re at home. This restaurant has been rated one of the top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S., and it becomes clear why when you try the food. Try a juicy burger, old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes, or a delicious wrap for breakfast or lunch.

Finding a good meal in Vegas isn’t difficult. For better than good, check out the best diners around to satisfy your cravings.


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