The 3 Best Sandwiches in Las Vegas

3383843510_244a2462b9_oFrom perfectly flavored meats to just the right condiments, the ultimate sandwich is something to savor. Fuel up for your next round at the poker table or slot machine by enjoying one of these best sandwiches in Las Vegas.

1. Carnegie Delicatessen’s Reuben

Located in the Mirage Resort, Carnegie Delicatessen is open 24 hours a day so you can always get your fill of classic New York sandwiches. The most famous sandwich on the menu is The Reuben. The sandwich comes piled high with your choice of turkey, pastrami, or corned beef, and then it’s topped with sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese.

2. Catfish Sloppy Joe at RM Seafood

Situated in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, RM Seafood is known for bringing fresh and sustainable seafood to the Las Vegas desert. However, perhaps the most famous item on the menu is actually the Catfish Sloppy Joe. Chef Rick Moonen models this recipe after the same one his mother used when he was a child.

3. Park on Fremont’s Waffle and Chicken Sandwich

Head to Park on Fremont to people watch on the restaurant’s front patio or check out the beautiful decor at the back patio. While you’re there, make sure you try out the Waffle and Chicken Sandwich. For this classic Southern comfort food, Park on Fremont pairs applewood-smoked bacon waffles with fried chicken, and tops them off with sweet maple syrup.

When you’re in Las Vegas and craving a hearty sandwich, be sure to stop by one of the previous restaurants to try these amazing sandwiches.

Image via Flickr by jasonlam

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