The 3 Best Las Vegas Movies

Whether or not you have ever visited Las Vegas, you have likely seen it in the movies. You have probably seen the inside of casinos, the strip, and many other famous sights through films. If you want to see even more, check out the three best Las Vegas movies.

“What Happens in Vegas”

“What Happens in Vegas” is a romantic comedy featuring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Like so many who visit Vegas, this unlikely couple got married in a chapel under unexpected circumstances and then woke up the next day not sure what to do. Anyone who has visited this city can understand how easily this can take place.


Another common theme in Las Vegas is the gambling scene, and those who try to cheat the system. “21” is a movie that perfectly displays this behavior. A group of MIT students decides to take on counting cards at blackjack tables and find themselves risking everything.

“Ocean’s 11” (1960)

Although “Ocean’s 11” was remade in 2001 and has much more appeal to today’s crowd, the original version from 1960 features a piece of Las Vegas that you can’t get in movies today: the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. These men are highlights of an era that is iconic and legendary in Las Vegas.

These three movies showcase Las Vegas wonderfully, and offer you a tour of the city although you aren’t there in person. Plus they are just fun to watch.

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