10 Summer Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Shape

10 Summer Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Shape - Reliable AutoIf you’re considering selling your car in the near future, make sure to take care of it now, especially from the harsh summer weather. By doing so, the car maintains a higher value, and you have a much less chaotic summer.

Used cars in good conditions are not only much easier to sell, but they also sell for better prices.

To make sure your vehicle is an easy sale when you want to sell, use these car care tips:

Cooling System

The cooling system prevents a car from overheating, which is most common during the summer months. To avoid that dilemma, have the system inspected and the coolant flushed if necessary.

Air Conditioning

The AC is a tricky aspect of the car to handle yourself, so make sure a qualified technician has a look at it. If living in an area prone to dust and debris, consider having the filter cleaned or replaced. Also, make sure there is enough refrigerant.

Oil and Filter Change

If long trips are part of your summer itinerary, make sure to have the oil and filter changed at proper intervals.

Fluid Levels

Make sure there are adequate levels of transmission, power steering and windshield wiper fluid.


Though neither tire pressure nor alignment affects the car’s physical appearance, they do have a significant impact on how the car operates. Make sure to have the tire pressure adjusted accordingly as hot weather can cause tires to over-inflate. If there is uneven wear or the vehicle is showing sides of favoring one side, take it in for an alignment.

Windshield Wipers

Check and change your windshield wipers if necessary. By doing so, not only is the windshield kept in better shape, but there is less likelihood of eye strain problems while driving.


Headlights are prominent places for dirt and bugs to cling to so make sure to have those cleaned off. Avoid using a dry rag or cloth as it can scratch the lights. Also, change the light bulbs when they burn out.


The brakes are one of the most important safety features in a car so make sure they are checked according to manual recommendations or at the first sign of trouble.


The best things you can do for the battery are to scrape away any visible corrosion, clean the surfaces and make sure the connections are tight.

Engine Check

If living in dusty conditions, have the filters checked and changed regularly.

Reliable Auto Sales

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