Figure Out That Smell coming From Your Vehicle

When you’re carelessly driving along and you suddenly sense a weird smell coming from your vehicle, it can instill a feeling of fear. Chances are it’s something simple like your heater warming up, or a little gas you spilled while pumping. Other times bad odors can mean there is a more serious problem with your car. Let St. George UT area used cars educate you on what different smells can signify, so you aren’t left wondering when it happens.

Burnt Carpet Smell

When you sniff what smells like your living room rug has caught fire, it’s a sign that you’ve been hitting the brakes, pretty hard. As the pads become overheated, this is what makes the odor. This usually happens after you’ve ridden the brakes going down a steep hill. It can also happen when you’ve been riding the brakes excessively in everyday traffic.

Gasoline Smell

Aside from a little spill when pumping, this can be pretty bad. Gas odors normally mean a leak in the gas tank, hose or elsewhere. Have it looked at immediately.

Sulphur or Rotten Eggs

Besides being extremely unpleasant on the nose, rotten egg smell means trouble for your car. This is an indicator of an issue with the catalytic converter not correctly converting the hydrogen sulfide into sulfur dioxide. It can also mean the engine is failing, and making the catalytic converter become overloaded and start to break down.

Burning Sugar Smell

While this aroma is more pleasant, it’s not a good sign. Burnt sugar smell means you are leaking coolant. It can be a sign that the heater core has failed and it should be serviced immediately.

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