Training Your Dog for Traveling in a Crate

When you take your pet on a trip with you or in the car for a ride across town, for your safety and his, you need to make sure your companion is restrained.  Many experts recommend seat belts, seat barriers and crates for safer travels.  It is fun to sit next to your dog or allow him to sit up on the door to look out the window, but it is dangerous.  You would not allow children to move around inside the cabin of a car; do not allow your dog to do it either.  St. George, UT area used car professionals discuss training your dog for traveling in a crate.

5 Tips for In-car Crate Training

Traveling in a crate does not have to bring on anxiety for you or your pet; it can be an easy experience for both.

  1. Allow your dog to get comfortable first

Start by putting the crate in the garage or the driveway and allow the dog to hang out in it while you are packing, cleaning, or washing the car.  Make the dog comfortable by putting a bed in the crate.  Some dogs also do better when a breathable towel has been placed over the crate so they do not see people passing by.  Every time you go outside, move the crate closer to the car until you have finally ended up in the car.

  1. Make the crate sturdy

Shifting and leaning will make your pup very nervous.  Make sure the crate is secure and balanced on a flat surface.

  1. Go to fun places first

Do not start with the road trip right away.  Start by taking the dog to its favorite place: park, beach, jogging path, etc. The dog will become less anxious overtime and may actually enjoy getting in the crate.

  1. Treat your dog in the crate

When your pet gets in the crate, reward your pet with a small treat.

  1. Increase each trip a little at a time

As your dog becomes more comfortable, start taking longer trips in the vehicle.  Start small and work your way up to longer trips.


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