Costly Driving Repairs to Be Aware Of

mechanic wrenchNo one enjoys paying lots of money to get their car fixed. If you can be prepared to know what some of your bigger damages might be, you can hopefully avoid paying a ton at the mechanic. Or, you will at least know ahead of time what you’ll be in for once the bill comes. St. George UT area auto dealers are explaining what a few of the most costly car repairs are so you can know what to watch out for.

Timing Belts

The good thing is that they don’t wear out very often. But when they do, be ready to pay a good amount to have it replaced. The timing belt itself doesn’t cost a lot, but there is quite a bit of labor involved in taking out the old one and fitting your car with the new one. This is why the process is costly.


 Since brakes need to be replaced periodically, the cost will add up. When you need all four done at once, it can range from several hundred to several thousands, depending on the car, and how worn they are. To avoid paying too much too often, take it easy on your brakes so they last longer.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

 This is a handy tool that is relatively new in the auto world, which lights up when you have a problem with the tires’ pressure. When the sensor goes, it will light up even if there is nothing wrong with the tires. Replacing this sensor can cost about $100 for the part, and that does not include labor. A new sensor will most likely run you over $200 once the job is all done.

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