Why You Should Be Driving a Sports Car – From Your Las Vegas Used Car Dealer

Many drivers dream of zipping around in a sports car, but are afraid to take the plunge and buy one. Perhaps it’s the money? At your Las Vegas used car dealer, we believe everyone is entitled to drive their dream sports car, and are explaining the advantages of doing so. We offer a variety of pre-owned models in excellent condition. Stop in and browse from selections of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and more!

Advantage #1: Prestige

Sports cars are associated with those who live the lifestyle of the rich, classy, and famous. When people see you driving one, you will be associated with this class too. The newer the model, the more the driver tends to stand out. Often you have a choice between a convertible or a hard top coupe, which is less common on non-sports cars.

Advantage #2: Performance

Most sports cars have powerful engines that reach high levels of speed and horsepower. They often have specially-tuned suspensions that help you take turns and corners much better than other vehicles, making them fun to drive. Just be careful not to get caught speeding! Sports cars are being used more and more for professional racing because of how well they perform.

Advantage #3: Good Investment

The more high-end the make and model, the more recession proof they are. Convertibles tend to depreciate slower than hardtop coupes. Cars that are less customized tend to hold their value longer, only losing up to 10% in a five year span. Although manual transmissions are popular, those sports cars with automatic transmissions have higher resale values in general.



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