Smart Cleaning Tips: Fix Your Hazy Headlights

7640367950_47a88226c3_oMost car owners will find that over time, the clear plastic over their vehicle headlights becomes foggy. This can affect your visibility when driving at night, so it is a good idea to clean them. Here are some tips for getting your headlights back to looking like new.

Clean With Soap And Water

The first step is to prep the headlight by getting as much of the grime off as possible with soap and water. Make sure it is dry, and then tape around the headlight to protect the paint of the car.


A headlight cleaning kit has the supplies you’ll need, and most of them include an abrasive to scuff the outer layer of the headlight. Make sure you thoroughly sand it down so the entire plastic cover has a rough surface.


Once the headlight is completely sanded down, use the polish from the cleaning kit to clean up the surface. The polish will smooth out the scratches and make the lens clear.

UV Sealant

The final step in the cleaning process is to apply a UV sealant. This will protect the lens and keep the headlight from hazing over again in just a short time. There are several products on the market you can use to extend the life of the headlights.

Using a kit is just one way to clean your headlights. There are also several DIY tips such as using toothpaste, vinegar, and even insect repellant. Try a few different methods to see which one works best for your vehicle.


Image via Flickr by Elite Detailing



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