6 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Car

6 Signs it's Time to Sell Your Car - Reliable Auto Sales Las VegasEvery car owner wants to get as much use as possible from a car, but sometimes it’s better to call it quits for your own good. Many times, selling your car before it becomes a problem is better for you and your pocketbook than keeping it.

If you’re asking, ‘‘Should I sell my car?’’ consider that selling your car at some point is the best option if you want to still gain some profit from it, especially if you intend on buying a newer car to replace it.

But, when should you sell your car? When to sell your car depends on the car itself and your personal situation. Everything from what type of car it is to the current selling market can impact how long to keep a car before selling it.

Here are six important signs it’s time to sell your car:

It’s costing you too much

Cars’ running costs and maintenance costs can take a toll on your wallet, especially once you’ve had it for some time. Normal wear and tear can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, meaning more money at the pump. With time, cars also require more maintenance and sometimes it means hard-to-find parts, expensive parts or, in some cases, a combination of both.

There’s no point spending more on a car than it’s worth. It’s truly a waste of money. However, the situation may not be clear cut. If your car has ongoing issues that are sending you to the dealership’s service bay every three months or so, evaluate whether the car is costing you too much money over time. One very expensive repair or ongoing smaller problems signal that it’s time for an upgrade.

Your car is no longer compatible with your life

When major life changes happen, your car needs often change. For example, if your family grows, or if your commute becomes longer, the car you currently have may no longer be sufficient. If the type of car you have makes your life a little complicated, it may be better to sell and instead invest in something that will make your life easier.

It is unreliable

If your car is regularly in the shop or on the verge of breaking down completely, then it’s best to sell now before it’s so problematic that no one else would want to buy it. There are many people interested in buying a minor fixer-upper, but the better condition the car is in, the easier it is to sell.

It’s understandable that you want to get as much use out of your car as possible. However, when it becomes unsafe to drive, you need to consider trading it in for a new car. If any important gauges stop working, your car cannot maintain its speed, or your brakes are unreliable, plan to visit your dealership right away.

It has more than 100,000 miles

This mile marker means a lot of things. For one, you’ve done a lot of traveling. It also means that your car has a fair share of wear and could possibly start giving you problems in the near future if it hasn’t already. If big repairs and upgrades are on the horizon, it’s best to sell you car instead of investing in them.

A good offer

If you come across the opportunity to sell, and the offer is a good one, you should definitely consider selling. Vehicles can drastically lose value in a short period of time, so you might not get a similar offer in the future.

Your Car Guzzles Gas

If you drive a vehicle that more than a decade old, it’s time to buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Thanks to improvements in vehicle design to maximize aerodynamics, the use of lighter materials, and better engines, a new car saves you money on gas.

There’s one final consideration: Figure out if it will cost less to insure a new car.

Sell to Reliable Auto Sales

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