Should You Only Look at Used Cars With One Previous Owner?

_MG_7657rThere are a number of factors that must be considered when purchasing a used vehicle. One of these more concerning factors is how many owners the car has already had. While it can be advantageous to purchase a car that’s only had one owner, that doesn’t mean other vehicles should be discounted.

Why Buying a One-Owner Car Is a Good Idea

Often, but not always, cars with only one owner will have lower mileage, will look newer, and will have a less-complicated associated paper trail. There isn’t a “catch” with these cars that may seem too good to be true, life situations may have just given the previous owner a reason to switch to a different vehicle. So you can rest assured that there probably isn’t anything wrong with the car, seeing as it only had one owner prior to you.

What Does it Mean When There’s Been Two Owners?

When a car has had more than one owner, things aren’t quite as cut-and-dry. The mileage of the car might be higher, there might be damage to the vehicle, and it can be harder to obtain all the car’s documentation from over the years because it has exchanged hands so many times.

Looking at Multiple-Owner Cars

However, with that being said, cars that have had multiple owners aren’t always bad. Cars that have had multiple owners can actually go for less money, which means you could be picking up a great deal, as long as the car also meets your other criteria.

If you’re still unsure about a specific vehicle, you can always consult with your local used auto salesperson.

Image via Flickr by Caitlin Regan

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