The Essential Steps to Selling Your Used Car

Have you asked yourself recently, “How can I sell my car?” Have you considered selling it to a dealership? Selling your car can be a hassle, but selling your car to a dealership can take the hassle right out of the equation.

The essential steps to sell your car to a dealership:

Determine how much your car is worth

Use online price guides such as Kelley Blue Book, CarGurus and Edmunds to determine what your car is currently worth.

Make decisions

Before doing anything else, decide how you are going to be selling your car – specifically, whether you will be selling it to the dealership or trading it in. Each is priced differently.

Prepare the necessary paperwork

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork required at the point of sale. It is best if you avoid making any sales if you do not have all the paperwork ready beforehand.

Prepare records

For the sake of honesty, it is best to come clean about how the car was maintained. If possible, provide receipts of repairs and tune-ups. If it is well taken care of, doing this may help keep the price towards the higher end of the price range.

Prepare the car itself

Clean out the car as best you can and remove all your trash and personal belongings. If possible, consider using a detailing product and adding a few accessories, such as air freshener.

Research common sales mistakes and scams

Before trying to sell, make sure you are educated about the selling process so you can avoid the common pitfalls, such as asking for a too high or too low of a price. Also, make sure to stay informed about recent car sales scams, under what circumstances they happen and how to best avoid them.

Research dealerships

Look up and research local dealerships in your area and weed out the ones that make bad offers or are not as reliable.

Have the lowest price in mind

Know how low you are willing to go regarding price. By doing so, you reduce the chance of selling your car too cheaply when haggling with potential buyers.

Reliable Auto Sales

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