Saving Money during the Holidays with Oil Change Specials

At Reliable Auto Sales, we know our customers want to save money during the various holidays throughout the year. Our oil change specials and coupons can help!

We understand that consumers know they have to maintain their vehicles in order to keep them running correctly, and to make them last as long as possible. Maintenance always includes getting the oil changed at regular intervals.

Oil Change Specials Las Vegas

When looking for oil change specials in Las Vegas, we know you don’t want to drive around, or call around, looking for a good deal. At Reliable, we offer a number of discounts and specials online.

By checking our website, consumers can save a great deal of money on their scheduled maintenance.

Other ways to find deals and save money include heading to Groupon and searching for “oil change” deals, or simply Googling to find “oil change coupons near me.”

Another way to get coupons and specials delivered directly to your in-box is by signing up for our emails. By signing up online, drivers will begin to receive our emails and deals – it’s a simple and convenient way to know what specials are available.

Synthetic Oil Changes

At Reliable, we typically use conventional oil when we perform an oil change; however, we can also provide synthetic oil options for those drivers prefer them. This would include drivers who drive higher performance models that require a higher grade of oil.

Synthetic oil changes typically cost more simply because the oil is generally more expensive. However with synthetic oil, the oil needs to be changed less frequently, saving consumers money in the long run.

Comparison Shopping

At Reliable Auto Sales, our Service Department keeps on top of the prices in the area so that our customers don’t have to. We do the comparison shopping for them. We are always checking out the prices at other oil change providers in the Las Vegas area. In addition, we check out the prices at national chains to make sure that we provide our customers with competitive prices.

Our certified mechanics are proud to give our customers the best value around! 


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