Reno Area Auto Dealers Have Tips for Driving in the Desert Safely

checklistTaking a drive in the desert can be an adventure packed with fun. It can also be quite dangerous because of harsh weather and climate conditions. Don’t go out for a trek in the sand without reading through these tips from Reno area used car dealers on how to drive in the desert safely.


Choose the Right Vehicle


Deserts are not the place to take your two door convertible sports car for a spin. If you’re planning such a trip, make sure you have an appropriate vehicle, like an SUV. Choose one that is equipped to handle off-roading with four-wheel-drive to get you through the sandy conditions.


Pack the Right Gear


When traveling in the desert, there are many things you must have on hand. It can get very hot during the day and very cold at night. We’ve listed a few of the most important items you’ll need:


  • Plenty of water (at least 2 gallons per person)
  • Emergency kit with fuses, tools and flares
  • Snacks
  • Maps
  • Cell phone charger
  • GPS
  • Blanket and jacket for when the temperatures drop at night
  • Spare tire and jack


Prepare the Vehicle


You should have your car tuned-up and looked over before the trip. All fluids need to be topped off. Make sure the battery is working and not experiencing any corrosion, since the sand could aggravate it more. Your tires’ tread must be in good shape and the pressure needs to be correct to help you propel through the sand. Replace coolant if it hasn’t been done in the past 15,000 miles, and carry extra antifreeze with you. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge so the car doesn’t overheat. If the temps run high, shut the air- conditioning off for a little while, even if it’s hot. This way the car won’t overheat and break down, which is worth being uncomfortable for a little while.

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