Reno Area Auto Dealer Wants to Explode Some Myths about Used Cars

used signNo doubt you know someone who hates on used cars and used car dealers. They’ll tell you it’s not safe or that it’s all a scam and that the only way to go is to buy new. Whether it’s the buying, the people, or the car itself, there’s no shortage of myths in the used car market. Your Reno Area used car dealer wants to bust a few of those myths.


Dealers Can’t Be Trusted

There’s an old stereotype out there of the sly salesman who is looking to stick you with a lemon just to move it off the lot and cash your check. But the image of the mustache-twirling dealer just isn’t the reality. Thanks to the Internet, car dealers, new or used, are faced with fierce competition. They know that the only thing keeping your business is how you feel about the experience and trust is the first thing they want to earn.


The Value of a Used Car Is Always Inflated

Again, the Internet has become a wonderful tool for research, but if you do even a quick search on a car’s value, you’ll see three, four, or five different values. These are “ballpark” estimates and don’t take into account work that dealers need to do in order to make the vehicle ready to be sold.


You Need to Be Aggressive

Okay: dealers are people, too. It’s always a good idea to be willing to walk away from a deal if it’s not what you want, but there’s a difference between being firm and honest and being hostile. The salesperson wants to strike a deal that’s good for both of you, but you don’t need to be aggressive to get there.

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