Reliable Auto Sales Now Offering Tire Savings Deal You Don’t Want to Miss!

tiresTaking care of your tires is important for your overall driving safety. Without good quality tires you run several risks on the road. Our Las Vegas tire center has everything you need to ensure tire safety and now through December 2015, we are offering a coupon good for $100 off any set of tires for your vehicle.

Why You Need Tires

The driving condition of the roads you travel can have a drastic effect on the health of your tires. If you drive frequently, the tread depth of your tires will wear down and out and will need to be replaced. If your wheel alignment is out of whack, your tires may be wearing down unevenly. You may find you have to replace tires more frequently than other drivers. Without the proper depth on your tire tread, you are at risk of having a blown out tire incident or may not be able to stay in control during rainy weather.

Tires are also affected by the weather. Extreme temperatures can influence the air pressure levels in your tires. As a result, drivers need to check the air pressure in all four tires on a regular basis.

When Do You Need New Tires

Our service center staff can inspect the condition of your tires and recommend the right timeline to replace them. Between tire replacements, your tires should also be inspected for proper air pressure and any signs of visible damage. Tires should also be rotated to ensure better, more even wear.

Contact our service center staff today for a tire inspection appointment. We can review the current condition of your tires and recommend the tire type you should have installed on your vehicle to ensure safe, proficient performance.

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