Preparing Your Certified Used Vehicle for Fall

22000304154_10953953a6_bIs your vehicle ready for fall? While it may not be giving you problems yet, it’s important to make sure that you have repairs and maintenance taken care of early. Before winter hits, consider getting a check up on your vehicle and ensuring that it’s ready for the weather to come.

Check Parts

One of the biggest things you have to do to get your car ready for fall is to make sure that it’s in good running order. Take some time to check all the fluid levels, and top off fluids that are running a little low. Antifreeze can get diluted during the summer, so consider getting a flush to ensure that the antifreeze you use will help keep your car running well during colder temperatures. It’s also important to check the belts and hoses in the car, so that you can make sure they’re not wearing. If you notice anything off, consider taking your car in to a technician.

Prep for Weather

While Las Vegas doesn’t get as cold as many areas of the country, it’s still important that you have emergency equipment in your car to stay prepared. Keep a pair of gloves in the glove compartment. Other items you should keep in your car in case of an emergency include a blanket, a first-aid kit, and jumper cables.

Getting your car ready for fall doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Check it over to make sure that it’s ready for when the temperature drops, and ensure that you have what you need with you in case you get stuck in a cold snap.

Image via Flickr by Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It.


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