Tips for Avoiding Pothole Damage in Your Used Cars in Las Vegas

driving-a-carUsed cars in Las Vegas can experience a variety of hazardous road conditions, including potholes. Potholes are most commonly formed by the constant thawing and freezing of water on the road surface. While freezing isn’t an issue that happens often in this part of the country, it does occur from time-to-time, and that can lead to potholes. Since you may not be very accustomed to encountering this road hazard in Las Vegas, it is exceptionally important that you are aware of the problems that they can cause and how to avoid them.

Dangers of Potholes

Potholes can cause a number of issues for your car, including:

  • Off-balanced steering wheel alignment
  • Uneven wear of your tires
  • Low tire pressure
  • Holes in the tires
  • Dented rims
  • Damage to the exhaust system
  • Problems with the engine

Even the smallest damage can cause a serious headache and result in even more damage and problems down the line.

Avoiding Pothole Damage

In order to prevent these problems, here are some ways that you can avoid the damage that potholes can cause.

  • Ensure your tires are properly inflated. Tires that are inflated properly can withstand pothole damage much better than tires that are underinflated.
  • Drive a safe distance from the car in front of you, as this will allow you to see any potholes in the road and allow you to avoid them.
  • If you can’t avoid driving over a pothole, reduce your speed, but don’t break completely directly over it, as this can cause even more damage to your car.

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