Why A Mercedes Is Worth the Investment

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Mercedes-Benz creates incredibly powerful, safe, and sleek vehicles. Whether you’re looking at a Mercedes Benz A220, a Mercedes GLC, or a different model entirely, they are all a great choice!  Today we are going to go over the top reasons why investing in a Mercedes is a good decision.

1. Mercedes-Benz Offers Exceptional Service

Not only will you feel good driving your new Mercedes-Benz, but you’ll also look good, and have access to renown service quality no matter where you ride. The company is now a nationwide organization with thousands of employees. With over 350 dealerships throughout the United States associated with Mercedes-Benz lets just say- you’ve got a lot of friends.

No matter where you’re headed, you’ll be backed up with support and service for your Mercedes GLA or model GLC- this vehicle’s 241 horsepower engine will rev you cross-country in style. There are plenty of warranty options available as well, so no matter what’s going on you know you’re in good hands.

2. Your Mercedes Puts Safety First

While cars today are extremely safe, Mercedes-Benz has been one of the automobile industry’s leaders in safety. They began in 1951 by creating the “crumple zone,” and continued to come up with safety features such as the Anti-lock Braking System which they have much improved upon since measures began in 1978.

Brake Assist

Today’s 2019 vehicles come with brake assist. This feature detects when brakes are being used in emergencies. The system helps compensate for human error and quite literally takes over for you to reduce the space needed to brake correctly. Rest easy and know you’re safe on the road with the Mercedes driver assists features.

Blind Spot Assist

Mercedes-Benz vehicles, such as the Mercedes GLE, Mercedes A220, and the Mercedes C300 now include blind spot assist. High-Tech radars detect when another car enters the driver’s blind spots, and provide added protected to the precious gems riding in your Benz. All Mercedes automobiles are navigation equipped vehicles, meaning whether you choose a Mercedes Benz CLA or a GLC300, you’re going to be in good hands.

Lane Keeping Assist

Luckily for us, it is 2019, and Mercedes vehicles are high tech so you can worry less about the average road dangers. Two thousand nineteen cars such as the Mercedes CLA250 are all equipped with Lane Keeping Assist. This feature can actually detect when you may be distracted and drifting out of your lane. The technology then corrects the vehicle’s course.

This safety feature applies to lane changes and can help drivers avoid scary changes and collisions with other vehicles.

3. Mercedes Cares About the Environment

When you lease a Mercedes-Benz, you know you’re giving back to the environment. Mercedes-Benz has taken several steps to reduce its carbon footprint. As of right now, they offer a variety of fuel-efficient and electric vehicles.

If you opt for a Mercedes CLA or a Mercedes GLE, you can choose vehicles that produce fewer emissions. On top of that, the ECO start-stop function makes these vehicles even more fuel efficient. This makes it an excellent choice for a new lease!

4. Mercedes Cares About Performance

Mercedes vehicles are built to perform, making them great for both long halls and local cruising. Mercedes vehicles can go from 0 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour in just four seconds, making them speedy and lean.

Purchase one of these futuristic vehicles today at Reliable Auto Sales and contribute in style to this safe, green, sleek, speed-racer machine!

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