Laughlin Area Pre-Owned Cars Has Advice for Test Driving  

It can be a dizzying experience: you walk onto a lot and you’re almost immediately whisked away to do a test drive. It’s no secret that a salesperson wants you to get in, smell that new car smell, and get a feel for what you could have. Many try to get this going before negotiation even starts. It’s easy to get blinded by the newness, but your Laughlin Area Pre-Owned Car dealer has these tips on getting the most from your test drive.


Do What You Normally Do

A lot of test drives are based on a route that the dealer has in mind. They’re usually designed to accentuate the pluses and avoid the minuses. Always ask first, but try to do a rough version of what you would normally do. Bring it to a parking lot and feel what it’s like to park. Get it onto the highway to feel the acceleration.


Keep It Quiet

As nice as the stereo might be, keep it down or off for the test drive. If there’s anything wrong, from the engine to the turning, you’re likely to hear it rather than feel it. Keep a sharp ear out for any sounds that might be unusual or questionable.


Bring Someone with You

It’s easy to get lost in how much you love a car. Bring someone with you on the test drive who is impartial. Even better: have them sit in the back to give you a second perspective on things.



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