Laughlin Area Auto Professionals Have Tips for Taking a Road Trip in an Old Car

Just because you drive an older car, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a road trip in it.  After vehicles reach a certain age, range anxiety starts to kick in, and before you know it, the driver is nervous about going even 30 miles out of town.  Don’t stress about your older car; it is more capable than you think, but you need to help out a little.  Laughlin area auto sales experts have tips for taking a road trip in an old car.

Verify your roadside assistance plan

If you don’t belong to a roadside assistance plan, you might want to join one.  You should check with your car insurance company to see if it offers any roadside assistance.  You should also know if you have dropped comprehensive, collision and car rental on your policy, the insurance company will be of no help to you if you are in an accident.

Take the car in for maintenance and inspection

Have a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle and perform routine maintenance: oil change, fluid top off, tire rotation, and brake job if necessary.

Inspect the tires

Have the service team inspect the heath of your tires AND your spare.  Nothing is worse than getting a flat or blowout and then discovering that your spare is no good either.

Pack a repair kit

Pack a roadside assistance kit and a first aid kit in the vehicle. Include items such as a flashlight, wrenches, screw driver, electrical tape, travel jack, lug wrench, jumper cables, clear plastic and zip ties.  You also need to pack an extra quart of oil, coolant, and water.

Give your car a break

Don’t power through the trip; take your time.  Your car needs a break just as you do. When you are traveling up steep inclines, layoff the throttle and keep your RPM low so that the car does not overheat.

Consider a downloading a smartphone app

Download a couple of apps that will help you on your trip.  Some apps show nearby mechanic services, rest stops, and gas stations.


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