Diagnosing Problems with Your Las Vegas Area 4×4’s Suspension

Owning a 4×4 is rewarding and a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit of a hassle.  The more moving parts you have and the higher up you go with your lift, the more likely you are to experience issues with your pickup truck or SUV, especially with the suspension.  Your Las Vegas area 4×4 sales team offers advice about diagnosing suspension issues.


Maintenance Tip

If you are going off-road, make sure you prep your 4×4 for the trip.  Always inspect underneath the 4×4, focusing on the suspension components and tires.  Grease the components and use a torque wrench to re-torque any areas of concern.


Common Suspension Issues

When you are on or off the road, a suspension issue will be hard to ignore.  But how do you know which problems are minor and which ones are painfully expensive and dangerous?

  • Decreased shock travel or stiff ride

If your ride is abnormally stiff and shock travel is reduced, you may have a leaky shock or a bent shock.

  • Clunking

Clunking is never a good sound and it can be caused by a host of issues: problems with the track bars, problems with the ball joints, and U-bolt failure.

  • Driveshaft vibrations

If it is not a problem with the driveshaft itself, your 4×4 may have a damaged or failing U-bolt.

  • Noises over bumps

If notice noises over bumps, you may be experiencing the signs of a broken shock mount.

  • Decreased handling

Often caused by a damaged shock mount as well

  • Leaning

This may be causes by a couple of issues: damaged or broken leaf spring, and damage to the shock or a leaky shock seal.

  • Reduced ride height

This can be caused by saggy or damaged springs and failing ride height.

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