Intersection Safety Tips From St. George, UT Area Used Car Dealership

Did you know that intersections are a prime location for car accidents? Many intersection accidents could be prevented if drivers were more alert and following intersection safety protocol. Here are some top safety tips to follow when you drive through intersections from your St. George, UT area used car dealership.

How To Safely Navigate Intersections

Intersections, especially during rush hour can be crazy busy and require your full attention and a complete understanding of intersection safety protocol. As you approach an intersection slow down and get in the correct lane for your destination. Be ready to brake in an instant, watching for brake lights ahead of you. Use your turn signal if you plan to turn. Follow posted intersection signs like no turn on red and all way stops. Come to a complete stop if the light is red or the intersection has a stop sign. Look out for pedestrians. Keep off your cell phone and avoid other distractions. Never change lanes when you are in the middle of an intersection and never cross an intersection (even when the light is green) if there is not space for you on the other side.

Who Goes First: A Guide To Intersection Etiquette

As you approach an intersection know who has the right of way. At traffic lights green indicates it is your turn to go. If you need to make a left hand turn (even if the light is green) you need to yield to oncoming traffic. If the intersection has a flashing light, yellow must yield but has the right of way over flashing red. At all way stops, safety requires only one car to proceed at a time. Each direction should take their turn. Finally, pedestrians always have the right away.

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