If I Have Bad Credit, Can I Still Get an Auto Loan in Las Vegas?

Trying to buy a car with bad credit can be a scary and trying experience. If you know in advance that you have credit problems to work around, you may have to look for an auto loan designed specifically for cases like yours.

Fortunately, at Reliable Auto Sales we are willing to work with people who have poor credit and give them a chance to get a vehicle they can count on. 

Preparing to Buy a Car

Anyone who is planning on taking an auto loan in the near future should be prepared for the credit check. A free credit report gives buyers the ability to see what the lender will see on paper, and gives them the chance to make any changes that will improve their credit before they begin shopping. It takes several months for updates to be posted, however, so buyers should make sure they have enough time to make an extra payment on an outstanding debt or clear up other problems. 

Why We Want You to Drive a Quality Car

When people are faced with credit troubles they are often forced to buy cheap used cars at extremely high interest rates. Those cars break down, but the payments never seem to go away because so little of their money is going toward the principal of the loan. When costly repairs come about, the end result is missed payments and falling even further behind, which damages credit further.

At Reliable Auto Sales, we want you in a newer, more trustworthy vehicle because we know that car will hold its value while you pay off the loan, and we believe you will be more successful at paying off the loan if you aren’t faced with unexpected repairs. 

Interest Rates

While some lenders pick out people with bad credit to try to take advantage of them with excessively high interest rates, we want to be fair. There are limitations placed on lenders for how high their interest rates can be, sometimes reaching nearly 30%. Unfortunately, that means that almost all of your money is going toward interest each month on such a loan and you won’t be making much progress on lowering the principal for a long time.

We want to offer a reasonable rate that still allows you to see your principal amount going down, so that you know that, one day, the car will be all yours. 

Please contact Reliable Auto Sales today for more information. We have been helping people just like you in the Las Vegas area for more than 20 years.

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