How You're hurting Your Fuel Economy: From Las Vegas Used Auto Dealers

Closeup refuel gasolineGas prices are slowly coming down, but it still costs a pretty penny to fill up your car. Drivers need to do what they can to get the most out of the fuel they already have in their vehicle. Let Las Vegas used auto dealers explain some ways you may be hurting your fuel economy so that you can break these habits now.


Too Much Weight


The heavier your car is, the harder the engine has to work to get it moving. This requires additional fuel that will cost more money. Take a peek inside your trunk and see if there are things that can be removed like golf clubs you haven’t used in months, tools, or anything else substantial that could be weighing your vehicle down.


The Shape of Your Car


Is your car aerodynamically friendly? The boxier it is, the less that lends to aerodynamics. Larger trucks and SUVs are bigger in the front, so they have to work harder to move air out of the way. If you do a lot of highway traveling, consider smaller, sleek cars or a vehicle that has been aerodynamically designed. While you’re at it, get rid of the roof racks on your vehicle and any cargo they are holding when you don’t need them.




Any accessories that are electrical will reduce fuel economy. For example, only use the air-conditioning when it is really necessary. When it runs on max, it can decrease your miles per gallon from 5-25% compared to when you don’t have it running.


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