How You Should Compare Used Cars

Buying a Used Car in Las Vegas - Reliable AutoThere are so many used cars Las Vegas residents can consider in the current market. With great choice, though, often comes a serious amount of confusion.

Use these tips to learn more about how to compare used vehicles, so you can buy the right one quickly and relatively stress-free.


Mileage isn’t everything, but when you’re shopping on the used market, it is a major factor in regard to pricing. Cars with high mileage are more likely to need work in the near future than those with lower odometer readings. In this sense, mileage can be a rough indicator of whether or not a car is a smart buy for you or not.

If you do buy a high mileage vehicle, consider setting money aside for future repairs. Put in your savings an amount equal to about 10% of the vehicle’s selling price. This emergency repair fund can go a long way at the repair shop.


Pricing may not be the only factor when you’re purchasing a used vehicle, but taking care not to overpay is financially responsible. That’s why it’s essential to get average price estimates in your area for the makes and models that interest you.

Online resources like Kelley Blue Book can also be beneficial for buyers. Just don’t forget to perform an inspection yourself and, preferably, with a mechanic. Don’t be willing to pay top prices for a used vehicle that isn’t in top shape.


The condition of any used car matters. While you can save money by purchasing a car that needs a little work, getting it checked by a mechanic to verify how much you’ll need to spend is essential.

If you’re not thrilled about getting work done on a car you just bought, make a point of selecting a vehicle that shouldn’t need work after you drive it home. A thorough inspection plus a warranty if you buy from a dealer, are recommended.

Reliable Auto Sales

Buying a vehicle is supposed to be exciting. Whether you’re picking out your very first ride, or this marks your tenth purchase, the process shouldn’t be painful. Visit Reliable Auto Sales for dependable help finding Las Vegas used cars that you’ll love.

No matter what type of vehicle you’re looking for, we can help you find the right make and model at the right price.

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