How to Upgrade Your Car Stereo

23241143039_d07081e503_bWhen you buy a pre-owned car, you may think you’re stuck with whatever audio system the previous owner put into the vehicle. But it’s easy to find an aftermarket stereo that can help transform your listening experience on the go.

Determine Your Needs

Some drivers want a stereo that will provide plenty of volume and thumping bass, but others care more about the quality of the sound than how loud it is. If you have a huge CD collection, you’ll probably want to opt for one that has a CD player, while millennials probably prefer one that has a USB port or Bluetooth connectivity. So before you buy a new unit, make sure you know what your goals are for replacing the stereo system.

Check Out the Size

If you buy a system that’s bigger or smaller than the space you have available, it’ll be challenging to get it to fit (if it’s too big) or look weird because of the extra space (if it’s too small). Check out Online Car Stereo to find a fit guide that will help.

Review Additional Features

There are plenty of optional features available on higher-end audio systems as well, like entertainment modules with DVD players and video storage, navigation, and satellite radio. When you’re buying an aftermarket unit, you can get one that has everything you want without spending as much as you would if you were upgrading through the vehicle manufacturer.


It’s best to leave the installation of your new stereo system to a trusted mechanic. You’re dealing with wires and electrical connections, so it’s not an area that you should mess around with if you’re a novice.

Upgrading your audio system is a great way to increase the value of your car and improve the driving experience.


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