How to Protect Your License Plate From Theft

5245776071_287cba1b86_bIt is not uncommon for thieves to steal license plates so they can use them to hide the identity of a car they use to commit a crime. Many car owners don’t think about this kind of crime, but it happens often. Here are some tips for protecting your license plate so it doesn’t get stolen.

Use a Lockable License Plate Frame

There are frames for sale that will lock up your license plate and attach it more securely to the vehicle. Thieves are not able to get to the license plate, and once they see you have a lockable frame, they won’t even try.

Security Screws

You can use screws designed for security to make it more difficult to remove the plate. These deter theft because it takes too long to get the plate off if thieves don’t have the correct tools. These security screws are easy to install, and there is no need for cutting or drilling.

Security Caps

You can choose to install security caps right over the standard screws. These conceal the screws and secure it to the vehicle. These are another deterrent because thieves can not remove them without a special tool. The caps come with the spanner tool needed to remove them, and they also come in several finishes so you can match them to your vehicle.

Make sure to check the laws in your state before installing any kind of cover for your license plate. Some states have restrictions on what you can use.


Image via Flickr by Xiaozhuli


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