How to Handle Lightning on the Road

5803066492_179ed4258f_bLighting can strike suddenly in just about every part of the country, so if you find yourself driving in a storm, follow these tips to stay safe.

Watch the Forecast

Before you head out on an errand or to visit friends, monitor the weather forecast in your area. Major TV stations will also show storm warning information if it is risky to drive. If you’re already in your vehicle when a storm warning comes out, watch the sky for flashes of light and increased wind.

Pull Over

When you are driving during a lightning storm, the safest thing to do is pull over to the side of the road. Avoid areas with tall trees, utility/power lines, or high areas that put you at risk for being struck. If you see areas with pools of water, try to park away from those as well. Roll up your windows and keep your hazard lights on so other drivers can see you as they approach.

Don’t get out of the car to take photos or videos of the storm, as your vehicle is the safest place to protect you from a strike. Keep your hands away from any metal portions of the vehicle, such as foot pedals, door handles, or tech equipment like the radio. Keep your mobile device on the seat next to you, not in your hands or lap.

The best way to handle a lightning storm is to avoid driving in it, so watch the weather in your area. If you can’t avoid it, remain in your car to stay as safe as possible.


Image via Flickr by Brilhasti1


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