How to Begin in the Black – Freelance Driving with a Quality Used Car

While taxi services once required a commercial license, ride sharing services like Lyft, Uber, and regional variations have opened up freelance driving opportunities across the country. Drivers with a clean background and a reliable vehicle can earn a little extra money on the side without committing to a career change.

While some drivers choose to pay for a brand new car with their earnings, it’s smarter to start with a more affordable used vehicle. At Reliable Auto Sales, we’ll help you find the right model to get you started in freelance driving.

Meeting the Requirements
All the major ride-sharing services set different requirements for the vehicles operated by their drivers. UberX allows users to drive their usual cars, while their Uber Black service is limited to commercial drivers with luxury vehicles. Basic UberX driving requires a car that:
• Features at least four doors
• Seats four passengers in addition to the driver
• Displays no markings on the exterior
• Registered with in-state plates.
Lyft has similar requirements, mainly:
• The vehicle must have four exterior door handles
• The car must feature at least five seat belts
• The vehicle must have insurance and a license plate from the state in which the driver is working.

Avoiding the Restrictions
Both services require that the car is no older than a 2000 model, with some major cities including stiffer restrictions to 2005 or newer. It’s best to check the local restrictions before choosing a model from our extensive selection of used vehicles. Even if a driver needs a relatively new car to start freelance driving, the vehicle can soon pay for itself.

Timing Your Use
Concerned about how much the used car will earn in comparison to its price tag? Before test driving the best pre-owned vehicles from our lot here at Reliable Auto Sales, check out how the ride-sharing services offer bonuses in your area. Both Uber and Lyft bring in extra drivers during high-demand events and holidays in Las Vegas. Timing your working hours to these kinds of events can make sure each mile put on the used car provides the biggest return on the investment.

Watch for Bans
Finally, keep in mind that some cities and states are limiting or banning these ride-sharing services. Choosing a used car that passes a full-quality inspection ensures the car is easy to resell if your freelance driving plans fall through later and you don’t want to keep the vehicle

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