How to Avoid Accidents Due to a Flat Tire

Flat tire on rainy road

Flat tire on rainy road

When something goes wrong in your car, it can be easy to end up in an accident. From fender benders to more serious collisions, getting into an accident can cause injuries, force you to spend money on car repairs and make your insurance premiums go up.

There are ways to avoid a car accident though, even when you’re dealing with a flat tire in a moving vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do in that situation.

Stay Calm

When a tire goes out, it’s basically human nature to have a reaction. Some people jerk the steering wheel, while others slam on the brakes. Doing these things can cause a lot more harm than good.

Stay calm when something happens in your vehicle – even if it’s potentially problematic. You’ll be better equipped to handle your car and the road when you stay calm.

Maintain Your Speed

Slamming on your brakes is a natural reaction to a tire blow out, but doing that may put your car out of control. There’s also a chance you’ll collide with another vehicle right or one will collide with yours.

To keep your car under control, try to maintain your current speed as the vehicle stabilizes.  Once your car feels more under control you can begin to decelerate.

Watch Your Distance

Maintaining your speed is important after a tire blow out, but you don’t want to get too close to any vehicle since you don’t have nearly as much control of your car. Try to put two to three or more car lengths between you and the nearest vehicle by slowly reducing your speed.

Slowing too quickly and send your car out of control, and it could also cause the person behind you to rear-end you.

Pull Over Slowly

Once the vehicle is under control you can begin to move to the shoulder. This may take time if you were in the left lane on a large highway.

Move slowly and maintain a safe speed. Never cross more than one lane at a time since your control is reduced.

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