How Much is My Car Worth in Las Vegas, NV?

Selling your car in Las Vegas, Nevada, can be tricky, but knowing the terms and factors can ease the burden and make the process much easier. We at Reliable Auto Sales understand here is a lot to know when it comes to selling or trading a car and offer this information that will help anyone understand how to sell a car fast.

Types of Value

There are several types of vehicle value that are used when it comes to selling your car. Each is calculated differently and typically used during different types of sales.

  • Retail value: The retail value is what you would expect to pay for a similar vehicle at a dealer. As the dealer invests in preparing the car for sale and intends to make a profit, the retail value is typically the highest value.
  • Trade-in value/wholesale price:This value is specifically if you want to trade in your car. It is usually significantly less than the retail value.
  • Private party value: The value of a vehicle when it is sold directly by the owner.
  • Current market value:The average price of similar models sold throughout the country.

Determining Worth: How much is a used car worth?

The first step to selling your car is asking yourself, “How much is my used car worth?’” Websites such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book and CarGurus can help with determining a selling price, but you have to know as much as possible about your car to get an accurate estimate. There are multiple factors determining the worth of your car. The smallest things can either increase or decrease its rice. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Trim level
  • Optional equipment and features
  • Region
  • Labels and awards

How much is your car worth? The best way to determine this is by finding out as much as possible about the car itself. If possible, use the original window sticker as it contains much of the information needed. Consider using a checklist provided by one of the websites mentioned above or using one of their apps to better guide you.

Reliable Auto Sales

If you are looking for a fair deal on your used car, we invite you to visit Reliable Auto Sales and speak with one of our associates. Whether you are looking to sell or trade, we have the best offer for you.

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